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Nov 5, 2012

About ...

Welcome and thank you for stopping by, my name is Alexandra, living in the South of France, after following my job, designer by profession, who loves to create something tangible in her spare time, if it is not crochet, DIY it is definitely trying out and creating new recipes.

Why blogging about the 'new' crochet? I have to admit, I just find it fascinating to search the internet and magazines to find contemporary crochet designs and patterns. I love the idea of turning a craft which has been existing for decades into a trendy 'after work' occupation with some cool results blending in well with our modern interiors of today. Crochet and knitting are usually associated with a certain age group and a certain design style. But it can be trendy and cool, even in this day and age!!!

Hope you will follow and enjoy my endeavours to bring more warmth in my apartment interior and to add some personal touches to my clothes and dressing style!! And who knows, maybe also to yours :-).

I would like to hear your feedback or you can always send me an email on thenewcrochet (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Hey do you know of any crochet blogs thatbare like yours? I have been on a quest trying to find crochet blogs that are made by young people instead of moms that have patterns made for three year olds.

    1. Hi Sam, I am searching with you :-) but if I find some I will definitely post them here.


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