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Jan 16, 2013

FREE Giveaway!! I have passed the 50!!! -:)

No, no, no, this is not my age, but as some of you might know I have opened my Etsy shop 2 months ago and I have been working hard to stock up my shop and I have now reached 50 items with which I am very pleased.
I have to admit, Etsy seems such an easy place to start your business when you are designer and want to show your creations to the world. Indeed it is easy to start but it is not so easy to get found as the customer gets overwhelmed with other amazing products on this site.
I will keep you informed about my endeavors on the Etsy platform. At the moment it is all still exciting in the hope it will pick up one day soon.  :-)


Well, to celebrate I have reached 50 items I would like to offer to one blogger a FREE HEADBAND with FREE SHIPPING, from my headband section in my shop. A headband of his/her choice. Leave a comment here, and tell me what is your favorite fashion accessory!!!!
Make sure I can contact you, if you are the winner, by leaving an email, website etc. (the winner will be chosen randomly). You can leave a comment from now till January 23rd and the winner will be announced on January 24th 2013. GOOD LUCK!!!


  1. Oh my! I love your stuff! It's gorgeous!!! Do you have a fb page for your shop? I have had a lot more success on fb than I ever did on etsy. My favorite accessory would be a necklace, my favorite crocheted accessory...a headband!

  2. I really like the crocheted ivory bow headband you have in your shop. It is very pretty.

  3. I have added your shop to my circle so I can get your news updates. Hope you have a successful business. Love the crocheted mid grey headband.

  4. Lovely work :). I really like the crocheted light grey headband you have. and out of all kind of accessory, my favorite would be earings. bonnie190590(a)hotmail(.)com

  5. me likey

  6. Thank you all for participating!!!
    An innocent hand has chosen 'dpeeters' as the winner. But not to worry other Giveaways will follow from different sections in my shop, in the weeks to come. It is a great way to celebrate a milestone :-)

  7. wow, congrats to dpeeters that dropped the comment on the 24th :)

    1. Bear with me Nani, as this is my first giveaway and I have not been fully clear in my time. I did not say 23:59 Central European time and as her message came just minutes (which you can not see) after midnight, not knowing from which part of the world this person is, but she answered the question, I let her participate in the draw. But for sure, for the next one I will be using Rafflecopter or something similar to avoid this type of issues. Alex

    2. Oh, i was just kidding Alexandra. I'm really glad to participate and most of all i'm a big fan of your blog and your work and i love your patterns.:) xxx

    3. I saw your crocheted bracelets. They have turned out lovely ;-). So my instructions where not too bad ;-)

    4. :) your instructions are perfect as always! xxx

  8. great website to find pratically everything you youd want to make! great hard work


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