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Mar 19, 2013

Speckled cushion cover (+ pattern)

The past year I have bought several rectangle cushions (they were all 30cm x 50cm ) but after one year I would love to change their covers. So this is what I started doing during last weekend.
I have actually re-used the cushion cover that came with the cushion. It had a flower pattern on the front and it was plain grey (with a zipper) at the back. So I took the cushion cover apart and only replaced the front part.
Not only is this an easy way to do it but at the same time it makes your crochet cushion look more modern and up to date as it includes a fabric at the back.

Have a look after the jump for this simple pattern and combine your own colors to go well with your interior ;-)

Material used:
- 1 black worsted weight yarn and 1 white worsted weight yarn
- crochet hook 4mm
- yarn needle
- old cushion cover (same size as your cushion) in this case 50cm x 30cm (19.7" x 11.8")


Chain 85 with a combination of black and white yarn using hook 4mm

Row 1: 1sc in 2nd chain from hook, *1sc in next ch*, repeat *-*  until the end of row, chain 1, turn piece
Row 2: 1sc in 1st sc, *1sc in next sc*, repeat *-*  until the end of row, chain 1, turn piece

Repeat Row 2 until you reach a height of 31 or 32cm (around 12.5"). Fasten off and weave in ends.

Next Steps:

- Remove the front of your old cushion cover.
- Take out your sewing machine and place the left side of your crocheted rectangle against the left side of your old cushion cover back and sew them together.
- Turn your new cover inside out, open the zipper (or buttons) and slide in your rectangle cushion.

Well the work is done. Hope you'll enjoy it!!

Tip: it is always easier if the crocheted rectangle is a bit larger than necessary, like this it is easy to sew together with the back of your old cushion cover.

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