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Apr 11, 2013

What's new??? Crochet at Milano's design week 9-13 April 2013

Last week I visited the Milan Design Week in the North of Italy. The land of great food and excellent coffee :-). Milan during this week, is such an inspiring place and definitely this year had a better feel to it than the past few years due to the crisis. But this year lots of lovely ideas were presented with a great finishing. They offered a more luxurious feeling. Recycling was not anymore the main concept.

Of course I was there for work but I have picked up some of the ideas referring to crochet or knitting but in a more advanced or creative way. 
Unfortunately I took hundreds of pictures but I can not remember the designer or company who created these products.


(the Netherlands)
(United Kingdom)

You see, all those people who knit or crochet are quite fancy and people do try to make their living out of it. It feels really inspiring when you walk around there to see that nothing everything is based on hi-tech but that some people still exploit their artisan skills. 

If you do know any of the designers presented here don't hesitate to leave a message and I will up date this article as we go along.

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