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Dec 9, 2012

Easy unisex cowl (+ pattern)

It is not easy to find some crochet patterns for men. For some reason, crochet always seems to have this feminine side. But I recently made this unisex pattern (very easy) for my partner. I have used a basic stitch and created some ribs to make it more 'tough' looking.

So if you still want to surprise someone with your own home-made Christmas present, this is maybe one on your list-to-do as it will take just a couple of hours to have this one ready and gift-wrapped.

For this cowl I crocheted with double yarn (acrylic yarn) and used a crochet hook of 8mm.

Ch 112 and form a ring with a sl st in 1st ch (make sure you keep the string of chains straight and not twisted before forming a ring)
Row1: Ch 2, skip first sc and add 1sc in following ch, *1sc in following ch* and finish with a sl st in 2nd ch of beginning, turn piece
Row2: Ch 2, skip first sc and add 1sc in back loop of following sc, *1sc in back loop following sc* and finish with a sl st in 2nd ch of beginning, turn piece

Repeat Row 2 until achieved the desired height of your cowl.
Tip: by using just the back loop of each sc and turning the piece at the end of each round, you will be creating ribs. 

ch = chain
sc = single crochet
sl st = slip stitch


  1. beautiful cowl and what a great idea for a men gift. Thanks for the pattern. xx

    1. Yeah indeed not easy to find a crochet pattern for a man. Enjoy!

  2. What size needle and wool would you recommend x

    1. Hello Andrea, indeed I forgot to mention this. I crocheted with a double yarn (used in total 100gr of acrylic yarn) and used a crochet hook of 8mm. Hope this is more helpful :-)

  3. awesome job... I made one similar based on a scoodie pattern I found, using trebles and chaining up 2 and continuing around the ring instead of turning... It is such an easy pattern, quick to make, very effective and looks fabulous. Well done...

  4. So I do one SC and then another SC in the back loop? Two SC in each loop?


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