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Nov 29, 2012

Flower choker necklace (+ pattern)

I have realised from all your comments the past 2 weeks, that everyone is busy preparing Christmas decorations or even Christmas presents. Maybe this little bracelet could be part of your preparations, for yourself or for someone else. You could make it in the same colour as your outfit. You could even make a bracelet to go with it, to have a matching pair.
The whole bracelet is done in crochet.
I have used cotton yarn for the flower and for the actual string I have crocheted lace that I bought at a DIY shop, which is used for necklaces.
To fancy up the flower I sewed a bead in the middle of the flower.

Hope you like it or even better, I hope it gives you some inspiration to fancy up your outfit during the festive season. And all this in a very cheap and fun way!!


Depending on the size, necklace or bracelet you crochet the amount of chains necessary and finish off. (you could also use a thin leather strap to replace the crocheted string)

chain 5 and form a ring with a sl st in 1st ch
Row1: 3ch, 1dc in same ch, *2dc in every ch*, repeat 4 times, finish with a sl st in 3rd ch from beginning
Row2: 4ch, 1dc in same ch, *1ch and 1dc in next dc*, repeat 9 times, finish with a sl st in 3rd ch from beginning
Row3: 1ch, 1sc in 1st ch space, 4ch, 1sc in same ch space, *1sc in next ch space, 4ch and again 1sc in same ch space* repeat 9 times, finish with a sl st 1st sc.
Finish off

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